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Feature Request: Object Fade In/Out

I'm new to VideoScribe and unless I overlooked something I can't seem to find a way to fade an object in or out. This would be useful in transitioning between a slight variation of the same scene.

Random Example:

1. Scene has a blackboard, with apple on ledge

2. Apple "disappears" and a mango appears in its place

I know it can be done using Morph. But what if you just wanted a clean fade?

Thanks in advance,


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I am on trial - No fade in fade out feature.....

I will search for another provider who supports this


Here is a fade in fade out test using only videoscribe and 3 images off the internet:

Easy to do, but requires 3 copies of each image being faded.

Scribe file is also attached

-Mike (videoscribe user)

are embedded youtube videos now blocked? it was visible before I clicked the submit button...


link to video of the test:


That's very cool Mike, I never would have though of fading the background image for the fade-out.

Freshdesk removed the ability to embed YouTube videos in forums a while ago. I'm not sure of the reason.

2 years, and we still don't have fade in or out. It's an essential tool. Please include it. We need it!

They are not even adding new features for a long time. They are cash cowing. 

Not sure if you have seen our latest Scribing Tip but may be of interest -

You can just reverse the process to get a fade-in effect

Same here: the fade in / fade out feature is something we need ALL THE TIME.

The video you ve posted works but:

- It doesnt work with texts

- It takes 2 minutes to do a basic affect that should be achieved in one second..

Please update :)

I m thinking about buying the software but I m very disappointed if we re not getting this tool.

Here here. Still missing this pretty vital and fundamental feature. I can wipe a whiteboard but not this. :)

Two years since this thread was started. Is videoscribe even still developed/maintained? 

This is a basic feature. The above tip sure works, but it is not reasonable that this should be needed. 

Watched the FADE OUT tutorial... it reminded me of a World Rally navigator... 

"From Main Control 1 (start), 100 metres straight to a kink left, severity 2... 100 metres, kink right severity 2... 200 m, square left (90°)... 100 m, kink right severity 4... 50 m, Jump (caution!) into immediate right hand bend severity 2 tightens (caution, don't cut [the corner, due to hazard on the inside]!)... 100 m, oversquare right... 400 m, flat (maximum speed) into crest into kink left severity 4... 100 m to Main Control 2 (finish)"

At least it's possible... might go ahead and rent it...

Thank you, again...

Seriously Sparkol... we want a fade out so that we can fade out the entire video. Also, the fade out for objects placed within video shouldn't be as painful as 'Managed Reality' pointed out above. Having a fade out is something that you have had people asking you to develop for two years. I think you guys have just become too big for your own good. Complacency = Obsolescence. Someone will make you obsolete if you become complacent. There is lots of competition out there and they will steal your business by doing what you seem to fail at: listening to your clients wants and needs and satisfying them better than you can. I didn't renew my account because there are other products like yours that encompass everything that seem to be falling upon deaf ears here.

Jake West-Sooby: Do you have any advice for alternative software? I'm having a big project coming in February and considering all the problems with VideoScribe I'm not sure I want to use this software anymore... is lower cost (<$60) and has more features. Plus the user interface is far more intuitive in my opinion. I'll be interested to see if this response gets posted though.

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