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Feature Request: Object Fade In/Out

I'm new to VideoScribe and unless I overlooked something I can't seem to find a way to fade an object in or out. This would be useful in transitioning between a slight variation of the same scene.

Random Example:

1. Scene has a blackboard, with apple on ledge

2. Apple "disappears" and a mango appears in its place

I know it can be done using Morph. But what if you just wanted a clean fade?

Thanks in advance,


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Tom, are you looking for a teacher?  I am a science teacher and you can see links to some of my Videoscribe videos at
I am new to Videoscribe and have benefited from numerous comments by Mike and Mike :)
And yes, like everyone else here, I think that fade-in / fade-out is an essential feature that would solve many problems.  I would love to be able to highlight or circle something and then unhighlight it without deleting the whole thing.  My workaround has been to write over top with a different color, then write over again with the same color, but this is much weaker than what could be done with a highlight or fade-in/out feature.


@Louis - this is the official request thread to have a Fade in/Fade out feature implemented into VS. If you head to Page 1, there is a link underneath the first comment that asks you to like the comment if you also want the requested feature implemented, that'll add your interest to the numerous others wanting this feature which helps the VS devs see and prioritise requested features.

The reason I had asked was that I know a great teacher named Mike Ingram.  :)

One of the reasons why fading is a much requested feature is that a fade, as it does in normal camera based videos, conveys a different feeling than does an abrupt cut.  And, feelings are an important part of the communication process.  Fades are more 'relaxed' transitions.


I agree, this feature should definitely included in the options available.  

Are there ways to pop an element in or out of the video? 

1) If you just want something to instantly appear, you can use "draw" as your animation type with a zero-second animation time

2) if you want to make something disappear on a white background you can place a blank white image on top of it using "draw" with a zero-second animation time.

3) if you want to pop out images that are overlapping or on color or textured backgrounds you have to use more complicated tricks which would probably be better discussed in a separate thread.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you very much for such clear answers to my questions. Regarding the popping in and out yes later.

The white block only works if you aren't exporting as a PNG sequence with a transparent background as the white block will come us as a white solid. 

A fade in and out would be nice.

Great feature... please add!

Yes, it's a crying shame VideoScribe doesn't have a fade feature. Between that and the lack of ability to animating objects from one point to another (yes, I know the work arounds... I'm not into the black/white wireframe look and neither is my client), I will not be using this software beyond this project. These are basic features that I expect to be in this kind of software. At this point, I've learned I'm better off sticking to AE for this kind of work. 

With that said, adding these basic features will certainly entice me to work with it more in the future. Let's hope Sparkol does an update soon!

This feature request was posted almost a year ago. Any progress in this Team Sparkol? Can we look out for an update soon?

Correction to my latest post. It's `TWO years ago. My Bad.

This is still on our to do list but is not something that is currently being worked on. I've asked for an update and will post here when I've heard back.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear it's not in development. A very wanted feature though.


Yes! I would like to see this as well. Only been using VideoScribe for a week, but I see how limited it is without some way to erase. Scribble out is not erase. Does not work on textured backgrounds.


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