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Feature Request: Object Fade In/Out

I'm new to VideoScribe and unless I overlooked something I can't seem to find a way to fade an object in or out. This would be useful in transitioning between a slight variation of the same scene.

Random Example:

1. Scene has a blackboard, with apple on ledge

2. Apple "disappears" and a mango appears in its place

I know it can be done using Morph. But what if you just wanted a clean fade?

Thanks in advance,


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Oh, please, YESSS to fade-in and fade-outs!!!

Yes please :)

I see lots of requests for the fade-out/in from graphic people like me.  I see lots of "great idea" affirmations from you guys. Awesome. 

I'm sure you understand that my clients want results. 

When exactly will this feature be available?


Like the guys before, I need fading-ins, fading-outs and cross-fadings for my jobs very urgently. Is there any update coming up soon? 

Yeah..we REALLY need a fade-out feature...

....20 months since the idea was raised....

...we're in danger of fading out ourselves...! 


Liked and commenting to bump. Please implement this.

I am evaluating VideoScribe for my Company - not having the ability to make an object disappear of fade out is a IG downer - can't believe you can't make objects fade/disappear. Please add this functionality.

Fade fade fade or just cut. One step close to what I can actually do on a whiteboard. Wipe it off.

Leigh, while you can't make something fade you can use the blank white space image to make the video appear to wipe off some of the drawings.

I use white spaces to place over objects (which is a word around to this missing feature).

However, when you put a white SVG on the screen it adds an outline around it so you also need to turn it white in the software. Annoying.

I also use these what spaces for re-positioning the camera back to an old scene location. Lots of lovely work arounds just like Powerpoint.

you won't get unwanted outlines if your rectangle is slightly imperfect (no perfect 90 degree corners/ no prefect horizontal and vertical lines)

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


There is a white space within VS that has no border to it, found by searching "white".

Mike, are you by any chance a teacher?


I'm not. but I' don't know about Mr Mike Ingram.


I'm not, I'm a recent graduate doing graphic design and animation, but I've always penchant for teaching/helping others

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