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Feature Request: Object Fade In/Out

I'm new to VideoScribe and unless I overlooked something I can't seem to find a way to fade an object in or out. This would be useful in transitioning between a slight variation of the same scene.

Random Example:

1. Scene has a blackboard, with apple on ledge

2. Apple "disappears" and a mango appears in its place

I know it can be done using Morph. But what if you just wanted a clean fade?

Thanks in advance,


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It's certainly something we think is a good idea but at the moment it's not something we are actively working on which is why there hasn't been an active update for a while. 

Keep voting this up though by hitting 'like' on the original post to give it more chance of getting done sooner.

I think you could get some of the fade out effect using the included "scribble out" image. You place it over the existing image, and then you can add another on top. It's work, for sure, but the effect is like that of an eraser, which compliments the whiteboard/drawing theme of the application.

I saw it here:

I would also like to see this as a feature soon.

Agree I'd like to see this as a feature.

Fade is an important feature.  Please include the ability to fade TEXT also, and not just images.


I agree! I am in desperate need of a way to transition the hands off. It sucks to make my entire video in VS and then have to bring the entire thing into After Effects just to make the hand transition off. Not to be rude, but it's a big of a waste of time to have to have that extra step.

Indeed, this feature is a must, and other apps like pontoon start to be 

a very interesting alternative to videoscribe.

Matthew Cook commented on 12 February 2015 that this would be considered for a future update. As obviously a lot of peopl would want this, may I ask why no comments have been made by the development team for months?

Marc, read Barry's comment from April 2016


Okay; thanks for the notify, Mike.

The admin's comments hardly stand out from the users' comments - but now I see it.

Fade in and fade out are basic features of every video program and everybody expect and need this function. I need it very often and a program without this function is a sick program for me. So I think, I refuse my contract with your company and you'll send me my money back. Okay?


Achim - you have the right to cancel your contract within 14 days of the initial payment. If you wish to do this please raise a support ticket or email

@Achim Schmidt - I can imagine someone asking back their money when a product does not meet expectations.

However, we are all humans and created equally; the way you communicate this sounds quite harsh in my ears.

I'm not a VideoScribe employee - yet all praise to them (Barry) in keeping the answer professional and polite.

 This feature is highly appriciated. Much questions about if it's possible from clients.

This Fade in/out feature is a must for any animation.Hope we users get a solution soon.


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