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Watermark Removal

I've been using the free trial version of Videoscribe for a few days and I've just uploaded my video to Youtube. I was under the impression the the 'Videoscribe Free Trial' watermark in the background would disappear once I uploaded the video. I read multiple posts in the q&a section of this website and the admins stated clearly 'the only thing that will show is the VideoScribe logo in the bottom right corner of the video, when publishing a scribe during the free trial' (this is a direct quote from one of the posts by an admin). There is no logo at the bottom right of my video, just the watermark in the background. How do I remove this?

The location of the watermark has changed in recent Videoscribe versions I think. You probably read some old guides referring to version 2.

Videos published using a free trial will always have the watermark.

Paid subscribers can publish videos without a watermark.

-Mike(videoscribe user)


That's correct, the free-trial watermark changed in v3.0.6 of VideoScribe which was released on the 7th February this year from a bold logo the bottom corner to a faded logo over the whole of the canvas.

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