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is there an Android app?

I see that the website claims to have an Android app but when i click on that link, Appstore can't find it. Is the Android app still available?

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Hi Sundeep,

The Android application was removed from general sale a few months back.

We are in the process of creating a new app for Android like the recent one we have developed for iPad.

Once it is available will will announce it's arrival via the usual communications channels and out newsletter.


Do you have an anticipated release date?

I am considering purchasing a small notebook purely to take around with me to work on my Scribes without lugging the laptop around all of the time - but if the Android app is being launched soon enough I could either use it on my current tablet or have a wider choice of notebooks to consider...




Yeah! I too want to know the same. Is there a tentitive date? Bought two samsung tab pro 12.2 for myself and my wife without realizing the fact that the link on their home website 'get it on GooglePlay' leads to a 404. ;)

It is unlikely at this stage that there will be a release of the VideoScribe app on Android in the near future. 

It is something that we are working on but is not a high priority at the moment.

Sandeep, please could you post the link here that says 'get it on Google Play'. That's a really sad news though. :(
I agree. We have a ton of Android users in the US who feel dissed by apple - biased policies.
Please consider making this a high priority. Not everybody uses an iPad.(or wants to)

Android app. I am really pissed off that you only have an apple app. Furthermore, i subscribed to Videoscribe. If you ever do do the android app which is promised in a number of places by the way, would I need to pay further to get the mobile app version?

The iOS app is free to download. Rendering to the camera roll or via requires in app purchases even if you have a Pro licence. It will be the same with the Android version.

Thanks fro your answer, but the key question is is there going to be an android app versino at all. I saw a post above from 2015 that says it's not a priority, and that was a year ago.

The status is the same at the moment I'm afraid. 

That is freakin useless and infuriating! You need to get the Android one done. What is the problem? You figure you don't want 80% of the smartphone market?

We have 2 apps available on Android at the moment which are VideoScribe Now and Tawe. I'll post a link to our developer page on the Google Play store below so you can see what we have on offer at any given time.

I have tried the Videoscribe Now thing. It's pretty awful.As far as I can see TAWE is something completely different altogether.

Why won't you do the Android App of VS Anywhere?

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