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Videoscribe II is unusable because of bugs. How do I revert?

I've spend a very frustrating day wrestling with bugs in the newest videoscribe. For example:

1) The timeline at the bottom occasionally looses its mind---scribes overlap, they won't activate when clicked. They won't deactivate when I click on another frame.

2) Images zoom to random sizes when playing back. Sometimes the image is fine. Other times it's 1/4 the size it was before. Sometimes the image is so large it doesn't fit on the screen. No, I am not changing the camera settings.

3) Sometimes the playback area fills the screen as expected, other times most of the screen is white border with a very small image in the center.

4) Sometimes, the entire page (that is, every scribe) is visible at once (and no, they do not share a single camera point of view).

5) Text sizes seem random. Changing to a different font can render the text twice the size that it was before the change.

6) Etc. etc.

Often, shutting down the program and restarting it fixes things.

I'm wasting way too much time with this stuff. Of the 8 hours I've been working, today, I've probably spent 5 dealing with bugs rather than being productive.

HOW TO I REVERT TO THE OLDER VERSION?  By all accounts, that version worked.

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But wait - there's more! One of the things I love about VS is it's ease of use. I would have to say I don't agree with adriana's comments. I don't want layers or rulers or any of those things - I don't want the jumbo jet when I want to fly a light aircraft. And it is easy to get scale right by copying and pasting, lining images up with the bottom of the screen - all of that is possible, even for a technophobe like me!

I'd just like it to work so that I don't lose the precious hours of work I've done. You can do it!


Thanks for your additions Susanne.

I'm sorry you lost your scribe and will investigate further if you'd like us to, though it sounds as though you've got past that now.  It's not a common, known issue that I'm aware of.

One thing: it sounds as though you have a lot of scribes in your homescreen.  There's a lot we can do, and are doing to help manage that.  In the meantime you may find that taking a little time to export  to file and remove (archive, if you like) old scribes would actually make using VideoScribe a better experience as currently more scribes in the homescreen = more memory being used by VideoScribe; and most of the issues you experience using the program are probably due to the memory usage.

I hope that helps a bit

Hi Ian
Thanks for that - I noticed you had made this suggestion in an earlier posting, so I've been trying to 'tidy-up' my home screen. I'm a bit of a folder nut - essential in keeping hold of versions - and I was trying to export some of my folders to the cloud, but it seems that is not possible. I imagine that when you are talking about 'a lot of scribes in the home screen' you are also talking about those that are filed in folders.

Could you describe a little more about what you mean by 'archiving' (file and remove)? Can I export to folders? They are all older versions of scribes I am creating - I don't want to ditch them, as they provide a historical record and also mean that I can go back to an earlier version if I need to revise what I am doing, based on user feedback. Would I be able to 'archive' to file and how would I retrieve them?

Many thanks - and looking forward to the next version, which sounds like it will have that more under control.



Hi Susanne

Here's what I would do:

-create a folder on my hard drive (maybe straight to 'C:/' or in documents) called 'VideoScribe'

-then create a folder inside that for each client

-inside there I'd store all my scribe creations for that client

-I'd also keep a separate folder for 'images' in there if I had made any one-off images for them (I might have a different images folder up a level for general ones) (note that, if it helps, images can be in a 'zip' folder: VideoScribe can still read them from inside)

To get a scribe into the folder; inside VideoScribe

-click on the thumbnail of the scribe

-choose the 'floppy disc & stick' icon to export to file

-find the client's folder and save there

-then I'd verify the save by looking in the folder

-before clicking on the bin inside VideoScribe to delete the scribe from the homescreen.

Note that another memory tidy-up is to remove any fonts that you won't use any more after a project as they use memory too.

Hi Ian
Thanks so much for your speedy replies always - I am impressed with the support you offer.

However, I already have my folder structure set up as you suggested, with a few scribes 'exported to file' and placed in these folders. However, I can't seem to open them. At first I thought it might be just the scribes made with the old version, but I then worked on a scribe and tried to 'export to file', both from the home screen and directly from the save menu. I can save just fine, but I can't subsequently open the scribe, even though I have VideoScribe open. Any suggestions?

Also, could you explain how to remove fonts no longer used? I can't see any way to do this.

Kind regards


Are you trying to double click the scribe files to open them (that won't work)

LINK: Import and export scribes

(top instructions are for version 2 , bottom instructions are for version 1)

Hope that helps
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha....totally brilliant!

Now I can file away to my heart's content.

Thanks Mike


Glad to help!


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