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Realizar pago con tarjeta

Hola, he realizado: Usted está comprando una suscripción a Sparkol 

en un plan de pago mensual


Hoy se le cobrará:

€ 24.20 (€ 20.00 + € 4.20 IVA)

La página web, se quedó colgada y no he recibido nada a mi correo.

Por favor pueden ayudarme, quiero activarlo hoy.


If you queries on subscriptions, you can contact the sales team here-

Hi, I have paid a monthly plan. How can I get a confirmation?

If your payment is successful, you will receive an invoice immediately upon purchase. 

Hi, I pay the montly subscription and I can see the charge reflected on my card but  I can´t  get a confirmation. on the website it seems that I sill have the free version. 

If you didn't get an emailed invoice, chances are the payment was unsuccessful. 

If you raise a ticket with the support team, then can look into it for you. 

buenas tardes, realice un pago de un mes y me aparece sin la compra, podría ayudarme con información. gracias

Raise a ticket with the support team, then can look into it for you. Attach your invoice to the ticket. 

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