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Is there a way to add actual video footage to your scribe?

I'm a new member to Videoscribe and I really like it so far, however, I was wanting to add a short video clip to my scribe and I didn't see a way to do this.  Would this be an option for the future maybe?


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Good question

It's not on the product roadmap at the moment but it's a good suggestion. If you want this to be a feature please 'like' the original post as we monitor that to see what would be most popular with our customers

Is there a workaround for this for now?  I am creating a video into which we'd like to insert some very short (5-10 second) video clips of people speaking dialogue.  Could this be done in, say, Illustrator, by splicing together the mp4 files and the .scribe file?

Danielle, no workarounds within VideoScribe itself but yes there is other video editing software available where you could merge 2 videos

Oh no! I really need to do this. I am very new to this, and have no idea how or what other video software to get.

I also can't spend anymore on this, does anyone have any tips?



Alana - the way I worked around this was to create my Scribe, download it as a file to my desktop, then open it in iMovie. In iMovie, I was able to splice in my video clips where I wanted them within the scribe, then to save the file again as a whole video file. Once that's done, you can't upload it back to Scribe (and you can't do much editing of the Scribe portions of your movie file in iMovie). So, I would not do this step until you're comfortable that editing of your Scribe file is complete.

Hope this helps.

I am also always wanting to do this. It is quite difficult to make a sophisticaed scribe with vide when you have to take it to an additional video editing program. The sound, timing and other aspects make it very time consuming, and worse, fixing it to change some stupid spelling mistke means literally hours of work.

Why not create a BLANK scribe, with the time set to the length of the video (which you know), and allow it to be dropped in at that location using a file name of the video for that exact time. Seems that this is the easist implementation. 

I hope that this does rise to the top of the feature additions...

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