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VideoScribe 2.1 beta is here!

VideoScribe 2.1 beta is here and it's stuffed with new features like charts and data, animated GIFs and sound effects – plus hundreds of new images and new hands.

Find out more on the Sparkol blog...

How do we ASK BETA questions - such as....

"Is it possible to loop the sound effects", (because it would be great to have a squeaky pen sound that kept going for the length of the image construction.



PS - it would be great if we could preview the gifs, prior to choosing, and also...the Chart animation seems to (always) draw the initial chart quickly, then slowly add the labels etc. It would be great if the entire process was equally spread across the process.

When will v2.1 be released for the free trial?


Hi Bruce,  I believe we're looking into producing more training and guides for general release but for now you're best off asking the support team directly if you have questions about beta. 

I've passed your other suggestions on to our dev team. Glad you like the new effects :)

Hi Arlo, thanks for your interest. We'll be making it available just as soon as it's strong enough for general release. When that'll be will depend on the feedback we get from our Pros on the beta program. 

Thank shallot

So my trial will be long gone by then.

What a treat I wait until you announce t the new version to trial it only to find out I don't get it.



Arlo - it is only a Beta version, not a "free trial" per se, and I believe that the Beta is only available to Pro users at the moment.

Perhaps Ffion will clarify if I, or you have misunderstood.

I am not sure whether you qualify to be on the Beta group yet, because I do not know your Subscription status.

Hi Arlo, Bruce is right – 2.1 is in beta at the moment, which means it is like a test version. Not all pros get it either – just the ones who opt in to test it out.

If you're keen on trying these new features, why not take out a monthly subscription to VideoScribe? That way, you could join our beta testing program for a bit to see if 2.1 is right for you. If not, you could cancel your subscription anytime after the first payment. 

Hope this helps.

Hi Ffion,

I haven't downloaded the 2.1 beta yet, but does this install over my existing Videoscribe App, or do I have two versions: one official and one beta to work with.

I can't get Videoscribe 2.1 to work at all. I try to open the images and it jams half way while loading. The music freezes completely and I have to shut the program down. Why is this happening? I'd love to use it but can't  :(

Please HELP!


@Toon van der Struijk

2.1 does install over your existing VideoScribe installation so we recommend you backup any important scribes before switching over

@The English Expert

Open a support ticket and we'll get it working for you :)

@Ben - confused re that comment...

I have never never backed up a (local) scribe yet - not sure how to do it, and it would be useful to have in the installation script if they are in some way linked to the programme source code.

Advice and guidance would be useful...



You can learn more about saving your scribes here. But the best place for advice and guidance is our support page, it gives you direct contact with the support team. 

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