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Feedback welcome – GIFs in VideoScribe

Here's a second sneak preview of the new features in VideoScribe 2.1. This time we're looking at GIFs (moving images) that you can use to jazz up your scribe.

You can read about it and watch a demo here. All feedback and suggestions are welcome, please let us know what you think below.

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Great news and looking forward to using it

One other thing I would love to be able to do in VS (and I believe allot of other videoscribers as well),is the ability to add images with a fade-in, pop, dissolve and other transition effects like some other video software allows you to do.

I would also love to be able to add two elements/images on a screen at the same time

Thanks again for a great update we can look forward to


Hi there I would love to see GIfs implemented in the way you describe. I also second the comments of Danie Wium. Extra features like popping up would be very welcome. Keep up the good work. videoscribe really rocks.

What a fantastic addition to SPARKOL ... not only will my videos stand out, now they will be able to SPIN! I love the idea and really look forward to it!

Very cool. Cannot wait to be able to use animated GIFs these will add even more visual interest. Here is hoping that we'll be able to fade objects in and out in this next version. ;-)

Funny ,,, just the other night I was JUST thinkin' about "what you're doin'" and today - what do I see: 

My "dream" coming true! :)

Keep on doin' what you're doin' :)

 This sounds great, but can you concentrate on sorting  the issues regarding memory and crashing etc.

More memory swallowing images is great, but not at this stage.

Hi Derek, I appreciate your concerns but rest assured that the dev team are always working on improving memory and performance alongside creating the new features. If you're not on version 2.0.2 already I suggest you give it a go as performance is much improved from version 2.0.1. 

Gifs would be great, but it would be greater if you could import animation from Anme Studio or the like and have VideoScribe draw the image then it starts to walk or talk or whatever for a set duration. Also the ability set a zoom in or out at a selected point. I'm on ver 2.0.1 and I have experienced hectic crashes where I had to remove a text graphic and then redo it to get it to stop crashing. Why? Also this error message comes up. See attached screen grab.


Hi Felix, thanks for your suggestions, we really appreciate the feedback. You can post your ideas onto our 'Ideas and feature requests' section and we will consider them for inclusion in a future release. 

If you are having any trouble using the software, firstly I would recommend that you update to version 2.0.2. If you still have difficulties please search our community support forum and Instant answers or raise a support ticket.

That awesome feature, just want to ask, how we can upgrade to this versi pop (2.1) if we still use old version? Should we uninstall the old version of VS than install VS 2.1 or just upgrade when we online? Need more onformation,please. Thanks, Gani

 When will this 2.1 version be released?

Gani – Don't worry, we'll put out a blog post with full instructions on how to upgrade when 2.1 is released. 

Kailash – Soon! Should be in the next couple of weeks. We're at the very last stage of testing now. Thanks for your patience.

2.1 within the next couple of weeks is great news. Hungry for this next version of the amazing VideoScribe. :-)

Yes - definitely hungry for Sparkol amazingnesss.

Non nom nom nom nom...........

In importing some gifs they do not play back like your gifs. IE imported gifs when previewed show all of the layers. Will this be ironed out or am I doing something wrong ?


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