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loss of scribe saved online

i had few videos and i turned off my monthly payment for a few months after reregister i have no access to what i already has' how can i restore it?

thank you.

Hi Avi, we do not delete any scribes that are saved online so users can come back to them later.

As long as you have upgraded using the same email address and password you used before when you saved the Scribes online, you will be able to access them.

If you registered a different email this time, then the Scribes will not be visible as you would now have a different account.

Thanks, Joe

My scribes are missing - "No scribes saved online".  I had at least two saved online. Please advise Mark at my office on how to access them (for me) at:

Trey, Just had a look at your account and you do not have any files saved online and I have also downloaded the system logs for your account and it's showing every save action taken from your account as a local save. Therefore all your projects will be saved locally on the machine you created them on and you would need to retrieve them from there. Regards. Barry

Can you send me the link where to put my email and password to have access to the video i just created? please


Not sure if you mean an actual video file or just a videoscribe project.

If you have created an actual video (MOV, AVI, WMV), then it is wherever you saved it on your hard drive, facebook, youtube or You do not need to login to videoscribe to view your videos. But there is a difference between videos and the editable version of your project that you can open or save within videoscribe.

If you have made a videoscribe project using the videoscribe program, then you need to login to the videoscribe program to see your scribe.

If you saved your scribe locally, then you have to be on the same computer that you used to make and save the scribe. If you saved the scribe to the cloud folder, then you can login to videoscribe on any computer that has videoscribe installed. If you saved your scribe to the cloud, you can also retrieve your scribe project from this website by clicking the ACCOUNT link at the top of this page and then looking for the "scribes saved online" link.

(free trial users can save to youtube and facebook and powerpoint but cannot save regular videos to their hard drives.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

I'm in a similar situation, and I'm not sure if the files were saved online or in what the program refers to as the "base folder" 

My question is can someone shed some light on what the default folder is?  I recently had to switch machines and am trying to get files from the old directory (if they are supposedly there).  My problem is there doesn't seem to be any files locally saved, yet VS tells me that a new file I just made is in the "base folder."  When I search the entire C drive for the name I used to save the file, it finds naught.  If someone could explain the saving convention, I would greatly appreciate it!  :)

If your projects were saved to the cloud folder (online) then you can access them from any computer by logging into videoscribe using your same account and clicking the cloud folder.

I believe that Videoscribe work files are stored somewhere in the videoscribedesktop folder on your computer.
Scribe files saved on your computer are in a format that is only intended to be found, opened, or used from within the videoscribe program. There will be no individual files with names matching your scribe names, unless you have manually saved backup files in .scribe format on your hard drive.

If the hard drive on your old computer is still good, you can backup the whole videoscribedesktop folder from your old computer and copy it to your new computer (but it will overwrite any scribe files that are already on your new computer).

The "base folder" is the the screen you see when you first log in to videoscribe It is not a folder in the same sense as a windows folder or a mac folder. It is more of a videoscribe menu that lets you access your locally saved scribes.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I have changed computers and would like to access my online scribe on my laptop.  I can see the file in my folders (example attached), however I am unable to open/access file.

Can someone please help me to open WebEx_v1?

Hi Diana,
Please raise a support ticket so we can take a further look into this for you. 

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