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An "instant answer" to "how long to hear back about ticket"

So except for Mike Metcalf, the next most recent reply was Tue, 7 Nov, 2017 at 12:41 PM. Unless this is an error, it makes responses to tickets that much more important. My idea: if you have "regular business hours" please state them in the Instant Answer. Till I figured out via my timestamp that you guys are physically in England, so my ticket was (also) submitted on Friday at 7:00PM.  And since I'm a newbie I have no idea if I'm going to hear from you till Monday or not. 

Good idea!

My suggestion is that THIS PAGE:

should display:

" The current time at our office is <exact time in their time zone>

Our office hours are Monday through Friday <office hours and time zone> except for holidays

We aim to reply to all tickets within 1 business day"

Morning All, 

We have an 'All Contact methods' link on every bottom of every help and our opening times are shown there.

Link goes to

We also have an auto-reply when a new ticket is logged which gives our opening hours and the expected response time to a ticket. 

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