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What images would you like to see?

It's been a few months since we added our last batch of new images so we thought we would open a post for people to add their ideas for images they would like to see. Let us know and we'll do our best to include them in the next time we include images in a VideoScribe release.

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Hey Ryan, 

We're certainly on the same page with the diversity side of things. I didn't realise your comment was here but coincidentally I have spent the morning working on our personas. At the moment that stands at 93 people of various races, ages and abilities wearing a mix of western and traditional clothing. We have been talking about this for some time but, as with life, a few other priorities got in the way of getting this over the line. There is a renewed vigour behind this now and hopefully it'll be finished soon. We can then use this diverse base to build packs for different areas, for example sports people, or medical staff. We would allocate a few male and a few female characters from different ages, races and abilities to a job role and then just use those characters in those uniforms/dress. 

We have another potentially massive development in this area coming up as well which I'm very excited about but that's still in the early stages of development so I will not tell you about this until nearer the time (teasing I know).

In terms of getting people to sit down, the only way this would happen with the current functionality is with 2 versions of each person which you could morph between, one sitting and one standing. It's an interesting thought and one I'll bear in mind when I think about future people packs.
We are planning on doing more people in groups though at some point as this seems to be a common search with limited options so hopefully a few of those images would mean you have to create this type of thing less as there will be single images in there that would suit your needs.

Scenery wise there is an office and also a desk in the Scenery pack and we added colour versions of these in v3.1.0. Have you seen those yet?




Hey Guys,

New images are available today. We've updated the Science offering with 30 new images which have full colour and highlight options. We've also added 50 new county flags as well. 

Find them in the 'Science' and 'World' folders of VideoScribe.



More new images for you today!!!

We have 96 new Space and Solar System images in the Science folder. -

We have also put the Halloween images in their own folder for the season and added a 12 Day of the Dead Masks to our festive offering.


We've released some more colour updates today as well as some extra Halloween images we found in the archives.

Just an update for Ryan and John above on the extra diversity requested earlier this year. We are getting very close with these now and they should be in the Library very soon!

Hello again everybody and Merry Christmas!

We've got a double image pack release this month and we would like to introduce the VideoScribe 'Characters' which we have been promising for a while. 93 new people from around the globe.

Also, we've added some World Leaders, Royalty and the Pope into a new 'Famous People' folder

Find out the details on the usual blog post -

I do a lot of work with my Church and my Non-Profit. Having an assortment of religious images like prophets, missionaries, church buildings ( I think there are some church buildings). But images based on the Bible would greatly be appreciated. 

Thanks for the request Tesfa, 

We do have some church buildings along with other faiths, a search of 'religion' would bring those up.

We also have the characters from the nativity in our Christmas folder (this will be removed soon as Christmas is over for this year and they live in the Celebration folder out of season). A search for 'nativity' will always find them.

Agree we can add more depth though so I'll add this request to the list of things we have to work on.

That's awesome. Yes I pulled the images from the categories you share. Keep up the good work.

Hi all

We have provided a new software update in version 3.3.0 which has some significant improvements in the options available with our images.

I've included an excerpt below from out Release notes that can be found here.

We’ve been working hard and we’re delighted to bring you the ability to change the colour of the images in the VideoScribe Library!

More than a thousand images hav

More than a thousand images have been updated to support this new feature which is over 20% of our library. Look out for icon below in the top left of a thumbnail to see which images can change colour.

v3.3 Icons

Whenever you see this icon you will have up to 4 colours you can change. Simply pick a colour from our handy palette or add your own hex code. Find out more about how easy this is to use on our colour change help page.

Apologies if someone has suggested this already but could you add some sitting poses to the character sets in the People Male and People Female categories?

Thanks for the suggestion! Was it the people in those folders specifically you needed them for, or is it more sitting characters in general?

The people in those folders - I'm working on a project where I'd like to have them sitting in some scenes, e.g. at a desk, and standing in others.

OK, I'll log that request with our creative team for consideration

We've added 119 new business and stationery images taking us to over 5000 available in the Library. Find them in the Business folder!

We've added more new images today!!

- 62 new Music images have been added to the 'Musical Instrument' folder. There are 31 instruments and musical notes in full colour and in our highlight blue. Each one supports the colour change feature available in v3.3 of VideoScribe so you can make 

- 6 new ticks, crosses, checkboxes and rings have been added to the screen elements folder. Again these are colour changeable and have green and red as their default colours.

- We've also moved our 4th July image offering out to its own folder for a few weeks leading up to the day. We've sent an exclusive range of new 4th of July images to our currently subscribed users on email today. These will go into the Library at a later date for all to use. 

We will be releasing some more very soon and John Yumul will be pleased to know that we have a big update to our medical offering coming very very soon!

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