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What images would you like to see?

It's been a few months since we added our last batch of new images so we thought we would open a post for people to add their ideas for images they would like to see. Let us know and we'll do our best to include them in the next time we include images in a VideoScribe release.

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@Sameer we do have the logo and play button in the library at the moment? What else specifically would you like to see?

We have released another image pack into the wild today! 31 new Technology images all available in the "Technology (online)" folder and these include VR headsets, tablets, phones, TVs, games consoles, camera, watches, speakers, a drone and even a Segway!

Hope you like them and keep posting your requests!


Hello, I would love an image pack for well-being. This would include images related to meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. Perhaps images of diffusers, essential oils, people meditating or doing yoga...

Great idea Kristy, I'll add that to the board as I think it would be a brilliant addition to the Library.

Excellent, I sketched out a meditation/yoga room using my Bamboo Slate and exported it as an SVG. Can I upload it and share it with others?

Hi Kristy,

You can upload your SVG using Community Exchange.

Please view our instant answer below on premium images for further info.


Or if you want to share it here you can attach it to a forum post too!

Hello Guys, we have released a new image pack today. 142 new football (soccer for our US customers) images.

What is the status of the mindfulness (yoga, meditation) image pack?

Hello Kristy, it's not being worked on actively at the moment but it is logged and in amongst the ideas we have generated ourselves.

Most of the packs we have done so far are actually based on 'covert' user requests. By that, I mean we monitor what people are actively searching for in the product and replicate those searches to see if you get reasonable results. We then try and fill the gaps that exist around top searched terms. 

For example, we had over 200 searches for football in April and 121 for soccer. That compares with 50 for meditation, 34 for Yoga and 0 for well-being or mindfulness. That doesn't mean Yoga is not a valid request or there isn't a need for new images in that area, just that we are prioritising our image options.


We meet regularly to look at new search data alongside existing requests from customers and our own subjective ideas. We rejig priorities based on an assessment of all the above and decide what will go to the illustration team next. 

Same goes for @JohnYumul we haven't forgotten about you either. Obviously, we have added a fair few different medical images in the various packs but I have a Medical Professionals request in the backlog. Also @CharlesHickley your alphabet, numbers and symbols idea is being considered and prioritised too.

As soon as any of your ideas moves forward I'll let you know! 


Bit of a peak in searches for Wedding, Royals and a few other linked terms recently... wonder why?

We have a Royal Wedding template available to download which includes existing images from the Library as well as some created for the occasion. Harry, Meghan and HRH Queen Liz II as SVG's are the special new editions. These images are not in the library (yet) so only available via the template scribe for the moment.

Download the template and import it into VideoScribe.

Hello All,

We have released v3.1.0 of the software today and this has seen a number of the more recent new folders move into the base library. This are the images actually included in the installer and therefore available offline as well. So if you want to continue to access the Vehicles, Scenery, Emoji, Currency and Buildings folders you need to upgrade to v3.1.0 now.

The exciting thing about this upgrade is that we've added full-color options for all of these images too. That's over 250 color versions of images that were only available as outlines with a little blue highlight before.


I work in a department, at a company that really values diversity. Our suggestion would be to include characters of the following ethnicity: Asians, Hispanics, pacific islanders, Native Americans, and Indians. These are some of the ethnicities that seemed to be lacking from the current selection.

Another two more suggestions that would help us a ton is if you had the characters possibly with even more body movements/facial expressions. In particular, it would be great if they could sit in the chairs you provide. I find myself having to mock up meetings with the characters standing and it seems awkward.

Also, it would be great if you added scenery that involved an office, conference room, and cubicle. I have been manually creating cubicles and offices with shapes because of this. It would help us a ton for the scenario-based VideoScribes I create.


Ryan if I could "like" your comment I would, great suggestions!

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