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Import Paper Background (RR-1006)

I have a "Paper Background" that I use on my business website and would like to use in some Video Scribes. Is this possible?

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If the paper background you have is a PNG or JPG image, then you can import it into VideoScribe, set it to have a zero draw time, set it as the first element and lay other elements over the top.

This is how you import all images into VideoScribe, including those purchased online from SVG Studio or similar.

Select ‘Add an image’ (landscape icon) above your canvasChoose from three import options – file, dropbox or web URLChoose the location of the image you want to import and follow the instructions onscreen

Hi I followed the instructions above... but...... the background doesn't seem to be instantly there at the start of the scribe it still takes a second to flick on. Even with timings at 0. 

Leen, I've just tested this with an old tea stained paper background I found on the web and seems to work fine. See the attached scribe and linked video

If you attach the scribe file you created then I can take a look for you

I'd also like to be able to do this - I understand the workaround but it would be nice to have it behave like the 'paper' so you don't zoom out off the edge of your background image

There really should be an option to import a background rather than the suggested method above.

The video shown above only gives an example of a very short VideoScribe, with only one image over the background image, if you want to add text and other images it becomes a huge problem. 

Please can someone address this. 

Can you please add my name to the list of people who would like to have a background that forms part of every camera shot you take without just using an image and then piling all the content on top of it.  I am imagining that it would function like a template in PowerPoint where every shot has the same background structure.  Could it be an extension of the function that you use for adding the logo?

If you would like to add you name to the list all you need to do is like the original post

Hi, I like the post. Please, can you add me to this exclusive group of people who might have the imported background as it should be, please? Pretty needed very fast! :(

Hi Anna,

There is no exclusive group, Barry was referring to 'liking' the idea which can be done by clicking the link beneath the original post in this thread. The more 'likes' the idea gets, the more chance there is that the idea will be developed in a future release of VideoScribe.

Hi. Is this already added to the features? We'd like to have a consistent background image aside from the added logo in the bottom right corner of the screen. We'd like the background image to stay as it is even if the elements added to it are zoomed in or out.

Yes, the custom background is much needed. Kindly add it in videoscribe.


Yes, I need it too, it's very common requirement these days...Please develop it.

Hope to see this background feature soon in VideoScribe


i did some presentation in videoscribe but when i run the video i see the videoscribe logo at the background.

I need your advise how see the video without the vidoescribe name at background.

Thank you.

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