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Import Paper Background (RR-1006)

I have a "Paper Background" that I use on my business website and would like to use in some Video Scribes. Is this possible?

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That is the free-trial watermark, you can remove that by purchasing a subscription -

Hi.. It is already year 2020, and I think the button to insert custom background hasn't been added to VideoScribe. What's the hold-up?

I need (and I'm sure others too) a straightforward method to insert custom background from image file that we have in our PC rather than some tricky method like stretching the (supposedly) background image all over the canvas that is not suitable for more than one slide VideoScribe project. If you guys know background template in PowerPoint, that's what I want. 

Any information?

Hallo, diese Funktion ist wirklich wichtig und wird dringend gebraucht. Benutzerhintergrund sollte in der Kaufversion schon möglich sein!

Bitte ein Update. Danke.

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