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Lines get thicker when drawing is done


Several others have posted questions on this topic before, but the answers don't seem to help me. I've created drawings in Illustrator 5.5 with a line thickness of 1 px and on an 1500x1500 px artboard. All paths and nothing grouped. I save the SVG as shown in the attached file. When I import it to Videoscribe, the images are drawn with a thin line which as soon as the drawing is done gets a bit thicker. This looks kind of awful, and I don't know how to get the lines in the drawings to be of consistent thicknes throughout the animation. Please, help me to understand how to get rid of the shift in line thickness.


svg.png svg.png
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Hi Anna,

can you let me know which posts you have read about this already and what you have already tried.

I have tried to embed rather than link images (which I have none in the drawings) and to ungroup all paths. I have made sure the drawings aren't to small but have a HD size. I have also tested different thickness of the lines in my drawings, but regardless the thickness they are drawn in in Videoscribe they get thicker when the image is done.

Have you tried increasing the default image quality in VideoScribe? To do this go to the projects screen and click on the cog icon. Any images you import after increasing the default image quality will be at the new quality (any ones you already imported will not be affected).

Is this a feature in Videoscribe 2? I know I was able to set the quality for images in the previous version, but for Videoscribe 2 I can't find any cog icons ...

Hi Anna, the default image quality setting is on the Projects screen after you enter your login details in the bottom right hand corner.

You need to go back to the projects screen to find the cog icon. Changing this will set the same default image quality for all images imported after the change.

Now I've set the default setting to maximum and imported a new image. The lines are thinner (due to the fact that I have to scale the image down on the canvas more than before), but they still change (that is get a bit thicker) the moment the drawing is done ...

Hi Anna, you may experience this slightly as the SVG is converted to a bitmap on the canvas.

Increasing the quality can reduce this but not eliminate it.

Thanks Joe! Is there a way to stop the bitmap from showing, keeping the SVG that is drawn instead?

Hi Anna, this is how VideoScribe works I'm afraid.

The shift can vary or not show at all depending on the SVG file itself.

Move in and Morph effects will not have this slight shift.

It is something we are looking at improving on in the future.

I've been dealing with this problem and spent countless hours trying to minimize or eliminate it without success. This is a MAJOR problem with videoscribe, and it's INCONSISTENT. Sometimes it's fine, and other times it's not. 

I have clients that I have to satisfy. The thickening lines are terrible and produce a less than professional product. I have to resort to re-doing some of the animation in After Effects to please my clients. In the end, I can't honestly recommend videoscribe to anyone in a production environment until these issues are resolved. 

Sorry that you are having this issue, it is something we are working on a fix for.

In the meantime you could open a support ticket and attach some of the images that you are experiencing this problem with and we can take a look for you.

Hi Charles,

I am in the same situation as you. 
I have to finish a project within a couple of weeks for a client,
and the sudden shift in thickness at the end of the animation
renders the final version unuseable. 

How are you duplicating this line drawing effect in After Effects?
I really need an alternative, fast. 


If you are using illustrator CC then refer to this thread:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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