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MP4 output format

I would like to be able to save in MP4 instead of WMV

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I would also like to see this mp4 as output format. I am experiencing problems with different sound levels when I export to wmv. 

how to convert my video of videoscribe to mp4???????


LINK: How to save video as MP4

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for the suggestion.

We are looking into other output options for a future release


Respectfully, your reply does nothing more than kick the can down the road with an ambiguous reply that tells the customer little other than that you don't seem to really care.  Please forward my comment to your CTO and request that they respond with something concrete.  I would like to know exactly what is planned and when.


Hi Franklin,
With version 2.3 and newer, Pro users can now render video to and download as an mp4 if desired:

It was also mentioned in this recent blog:

It may not be exactly what you were looking for, but hopefully it will help.

One way Sparkol gauges user support for feature requests is by counting the LIKEs on a feature request thread. This thread only has 3 LIKEs so you may want to add yours if you wish to see direct-to-MP4 rendering implemented.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Mike, I cannot see how to Vote or Like a thread to show interest in a feature (such as .mp4. Can you let me know how to do that? Thanks.
Sorry Mikw, have now found out how to do it.
I received earlier today an email saying this post has been marked as 'Implemented.' Yet, I can not find anything in recent release notes and also downloaded the most current copy and it did not provide this functionality.  Can someone explain what 'implemented' means and if the ability to render to .mp4 is actually available? Thanks.


Implemented means that we put something in place within the software to allow you to achieve the requested feature. 

With this specific request we implemented the option to 'Share Video Online' (v2.3.0 onwards) when you publish a scribe file. This will upload your work to and from there you can then download the video as an MP4. 

Try using free software that also allows you to compress and optimise for web called Handbrake

I tried using Sho.Co and seems to take forever.

no he podido

NOTE: only paying members using version 2.3 or higher can publish videos to

Free members can publish videos to youtube, facebook and powerpoint files.



I think users should have not have go round about method just to have MP4 output. It should be in the PRO version as MP4 is highly popular. I read the thread and it seems VS promised to deliver MP4 option 3 years ago...that's a long time to do it.


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