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MP4 output format

I would like to be able to save in MP4 instead of WMV

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Agree with Henry. MP4 is by far the most popular format and should not require an additional step to convert. Plus the AVI codec is problematic. Videoscribe  is a good concept, but in terms of its features / capabilities improving over the last three years, it has been minuscule. One of the reasons I will be looking more seriously for alternatives and still not buying the one-time license.

When we made the change to the publishing options to add in and MP4 download via that medium we saw this as time saving rather than an extra step. 

With your project is quickly uploaded and the longer task of rendering is done on our servers leaving you to move onto your next project or even allowing you to close VideoScribe and move onto something else if you are just making the one video. Means the RAM and CPU a render can take up is yours to use again. You then get an email when your video is ready and you can share or download. 

That's the reason it was implemented the way it was rather than a direct export option

That is totally incorrect. Rendering and uploading to Sho takes forever and is far slower than rendering in the background on my own machine. Not having native .mp4 support, frankly, should be considered an embarrassment. Plus, I for one do not care about nor share on Sho. I have my own purposes I want to share locally to include in other videos.

Additionally, I just gave up trying to upload to Sho as it took so long, I kept timing out. Only choice was to really just render on my own machine which as mentioned, I preferred anyway.

With a 10-core i7 and 64 GB RAM, I am not really concerned about doing some background rendering! The continued resistance to provide something so simple and so relevant to almost all users though has prompted me to seriously re-evaluate if I want to continue with VS or just find something else for the little bit of this type of animation I do.

Given the extremely limited improvement in functionality over the last two years, including no .mp4 support, I have just cancelled my subscription and will not be renewing in October. Will be looking at other alternatives.

Well, its clearly not "no mp4 support". It's "render on and then download mp4"...

but I agree that that they should just add mp4 to the local rendering options.

I don't think there's a better alternative at this time.

-Mike(videoscribe user)


I'm not sure of the full details but my understanding is that the reason that MP4 rendering is not available as a local rendering option is because of the licensing costs surrounding the format. If MP4 rendering were built into the software we would have to pay royalties to the MPEG Licensing Authority which would mean higher prices for users. As the rendering is done remotely on our servers, we are not distributing software containing MP4 encoding and therefore avoid the fees (or some of them).

So, yes, as a Pro subscriber you can obtain an MP4 version of your scribe by sending it to our remote video rendering and hosting service The video can be marked as 'Private' which means that only you will be able to view it when logged into the site. You can send your scribe to from VideoScribe by clicking the 'Share Video Online' button in the 'Create a video' window.


Ohhh That makes sense. Thanks Matthew!


I would also like to see direct MP4 rendering, even it this might raise the price of Videoscribe.  Instead, I need to take a video screenshot of my output to convert to MP4.

It affects my decision as whether to purchase Videoscribe.

Ian, you don't need to do that. You can render to as Private so only you can see the online version and then download an MP4 version from there.

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