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Linux OS support (RR-784)

Hi, I really wish you had support for linux-based OS. My computer is xubuntu, and so I had to borrow a friend's MAC for a day before my 7 day trial ran out. With only one day to make the video, it limited my ability to try it out. 

As a marketing consultant, I would totally buy the Pro Version so that I could provide video service to my clients, but... no can do. 

I don't know what it takes to make videoscribe compatible with linux, but I encourage you to look into it.


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Hi Emma, thanks for your idea.

There are currently no plans to have a Linux version for VideoScribe.

This may change if Linux based operating systems become significantly 

more popular than they are now.

We cannot provide support for it but I do know some users have had some success running VideoScribe via 

WINE on their Linux computers.

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe, 

I also run Ubuntu on my primary machine, it is a real hassle coming to OSX or to my Windows machine to create scribes - if you guys provided a Linux version then I would definitely be using VideoScribe more than I do and I would recommend it much more than I currently do. 

Linux is becoming important in the professional video workflow, you can see this with Lightworks being available on Linux for example. Where Linux will most likely never be the most popular OS for desktop users, many companies are starting to see that distributing to the platform has significant benefits as it is becoming more and more popular and important. 

I believe the real reason Linux is not included is Adobe AIR does not support it and this is the platform Sparkol uses to develop VideoScribe. 

Anyway, that is my 2 cents on this one. 



Thanks for your feedback Ryan.

I personally was not aware that Linux is not supported by Adobe Air.
It has not been suggested to me that this is the reason why we do not support Linux but could be quite

a large obstacle to providing Linux support.

Thanks, Joe 

Adobe AIR used to support some Linux distributions however when I just double checked now they no longer specify Linux in their documentation. Just 1 mention unrelated to application wrappers. 

Dear Joe Clark,
I thought I'll be first person who will offer create software for GNU/Linux and very glad that is wrong.
Would like to say that Ubuntu with different version too many popular and creation VideoScribe for GNU/Linux users will increase your popularity

It's a shame that there is a version for GNU Linux.

More and more of us use this OS, especially in Latin America, it's a shame to lose this large market segment!

I'd recommend investigating Wine or CrossOver if you wish to run windows programs on Linux.

(I don't know if either of them would allow Adobe Air to work.)

-Mike(videoscribe user)


I can use videoscribe with my linux desktop using wine in a x86 computer at work. However at home with a 64 bit computer I can not. I am trying to get a workaround.


I Agree, please create a version for Ubuntu.
Waiting for it to happen ready to celebrate!

We are a huge community here, pass the voice also to the people of sparkle please!

Sharing is caring and cooperation is evolution!

Simona ;D


Hi to all Linux community,

I think we have to involve more people who uses NIX system and ask developers create Software for popular OS Like Ubuntu.

I'll spread information about VideoScribe in my FB page

Ubuntu, installed via Crossover  (wine) . Videoscribe doesnt let me in, "You must first log in online in this devise"... 

I get same message : "You must first log in online in this devise"...
   - Ubuntu 15.04 / Wine
   - Ubuntu 15.10 / Wine


That message means that the application cannot contact our log-in servers to confirm your account details. You may find this help page quite useful but unfortunately we don't specifically support Linux based OS so do not have specific instructions for settings on these machines

I have VideoScribe working with Wine, without any crazy issues. It crashes once in a while, but not often. Sometimes, I can work 6 hours straight without having it crash. Just save often.

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