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Linux OS support (RR-784)

Hi, I really wish you had support for linux-based OS. My computer is xubuntu, and so I had to borrow a friend's MAC for a day before my 7 day trial ran out. With only one day to make the video, it limited my ability to try it out. 

As a marketing consultant, I would totally buy the Pro Version so that I could provide video service to my clients, but... no can do. 

I don't know what it takes to make videoscribe compatible with linux, but I encourage you to look into it.


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Hi Stephnie
Could you expalin how did you solved the wininet problem?
" fixme:wininet:InternetSetOptionW Option 41 STUB "


Another linux (Ubuntu x86_64 ) user having the same "To use offline mode, you must first log in ...". This means that exists an online mode? I'm very new to videoscribe and I can't find an online version of your product.

I've all stuff in my Ubuntu machine and will be very complicated to migrate  to windows machine. If no online version is available, why not to create one? You could focus all your developing efforts in maintaining and expanding only one version of your product and not spread this effort in maintaining several developing branches based on the Operative System.

VideoScribe is an online tool however it does have an offline mode but that can only be accessed once you have logged-in online once from that device and checked the remember me box when doing so.

So that error means that you have not logged in before and cached your credentials so you must be online to log-in. If you have an internet connection then there will be a security setting on your computer stopping the application communicating with our servers and authenticating your account. 

VideoScribe won't open – error message 'Without an internet connection you can only log in with your last used details' appears

Thanks Barry Radford for answering.

May be I'm stupid but i'm not able to see how to start my trial perido with the online tool. After register myself, I got an invitation to download videoscribe and start the free trial. When I log into my account (, I can see the summary, profile and services, but I don't know how I can goto the online tool. If I click in Videoscribe Free trial, I get this page:

Download VideoScribeLooks like you're on a mobile device. Looks like you're using an operating system not supported by VideoScribe.

We don't currently have a version of VideoScribe for you download and install.

To complete the download of VideoScribe, go to a PC or Mac computer and visit this page again. It's

Log in with the details you gave when signing up.

You'll be making whiteboard videos in no time.

Can you kindly point me to the right direction to be able to use the online tool?


Hi, I SOLVED this issue by installing wineHQ 1.9. I had this issue with wine 1.4 from ubuntu distro. Search for wineHQ and install wineHQ newer version.
David, In order to download VideoScribe, you need your browser to behave like a Windows browser. To doing so, I sugest these two option : 1) you can install a Chrome plugin to fake the user-agent (just search user-agent in plugins repository). 2) from linux prompt run Internet Explorer, using $wine IEXPLORE or the name of the executable for internet explorer wour wine installation has. Look for it under ~/.wine/Program Files/
FYI Linux Mint is the 4th most widely used operating system!!
Signed up for free trial, only to be met with no Linux support. If you were making a computer game, I'd understand. But for an industrial tool, really?

Our company's security policy excludes all non-linux operating systems, and this is not a new phenomenon.
Well, +1 that wants a Linux Version ( Ubuntu 17.04 here ).


Unfortunately, no Linux support means you don't get my money.

The Videoscribe dont work in my Wine =/. 

If Sparkol made a version for Linux, you gonna take my gratitude... 

This feature request has been given a reference number of RR-784 by our development team. It will be considered for development in a future release of the software.

+1 Videoscribe was definitely my top pick until now, how disappointing. I'm now looking into other options with linux support, or cloud based.

(Note: The best way to show support for a feature request is to click the "Do you like this idea? link in the opening post. Customer support probably reads the comments too but the "likes" are actually used to gauge user interest in a feature)

Good call Mike. It is done;

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