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Importing Multiple images (Feature Request) (RR-976)


When we import images, please may we have the ability to select multiple images at once using CTRL-select?

Would be a great time saver :)


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It is clear where the direction of this product is going... to hell! 

Where is the list of enhancements and features you have released in the last 2 years? 

The importing multiple images is a must-have, a rather.... minimum feature you must have in order to survive.

Good luck with it.

I am exporting your assets to another tool to manage and create videos and canceling this one. 

ANd this is my 2nd time I subscribe in years, nothing has changed in the tool.... how many people do you have working on this..? 2? 

This is indeed a 'must feature' to have. I have only recently subscribed and on my second videoscribe project. This can save crazy amount of time! Please understand this. 

I very sincerely request you to consider this feature asap!

Such a disappointing "result". We've been requesting this feature for years. Literally. It's a standard feature anywhere else. Come on guys, listen to your customers and audience.

Okay, I've paid for this software for years and NO upgrades. Uploading one pic at a time is really ridiculous - and no improvement since 2016 on this.

Maybe the company doesn't care if they lose business - because that's what's happening when your reviews start to plummet!

Very sad that this feature request has not been taken in production. I'm getting the cramps in my hands from all this importing of single images...

No improvement on this since 2014. It's very very sad(((

A current option if you have a lot of your own images that you would like to use in VideoScribe, is putting your images into a ZIP file.You can then browse them easily before picking which one to import onto your project. See the support article View images from a ZIP file in VideoScribe

@Hayley Young

I can easily browse my own images without importing a zip file, since I have downloaded SVG Explorer extention. 

Group uploading of drawings directly to the canvas is a completely different matter. It could  have saved a huge bunch of time to your users. 

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