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Importing Multiple images (Feature Request) (RR-976)


When we import images, please may we have the ability to select multiple images at once using CTRL-select?

Would be a great time saver :)


15 people like this idea

Or on the Mac platform, CMD-select (Command-select). :)



Or drag multiple images directly into an open VideoScribe file.

I totally agree - I'm working on a computer networking project - and none of the base images work for me.  I have a whole library I'd like to import.

Definitely necessary, Gents! :) And it'd be great to be able to rename the images and layout options once in our library, for future searching. :) 

Yes it would be a great time saver to add multiple images in one go.

Hey Guys, thanks for the ideas! Keep them coming. We have this one logged in the development backlog for you to be considered, prioritised and a decision made. It's reference VS-2521 and we'll keep you updated.

With this one can we try and keep some clarity on exactly what it is this request is for. Seems to have started as a multiple select from an external source and they appear directly on the canvas to being able to import a whole library of images into the application to make them searchable and usable in the applications library. 

If we can keep this post about the multi-select to appearing on the canvas please so if this is something you don't want to see please remove your 'like' from the original post. I quite like this idea though so have given it a vote myself.

For those that want to import a whole library on external images into the application then please use this topic instead -

It's also OK to like both if you think both are good ideas!

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate thread for this question.  If not please re-direct me.  I would like to select multiple images from the VideoScribe library and add them to the canvas.  Is that possible?

Not at the moment, this is a feature request thread requesting we add it. You can like the original post to vote for it and the more votes something gets the more seriously we will consider it.


I do not want to sound too annoyed here, but do you REALLY have a policy of basing sound design decisions, implemented to assist us, (your customer base...), which is based upon the social media obsession of "Liking"?

If you could see the extra time and clicks that not having this feature causes some of us in the real-life production world, I am sure this would become a no-brainer implementation. As a customer, I'd love to see some of these ideas implemented rather than have new products such as Tawe. Respectfully.

We have a whole host of factors that are considered when we decide what to implement next with VideoScribe it's certainly not a case of the most likes wins! 

Likes are one piece but along side this we would look at the direction we want to take the product, ideas we have of our own, how well something can be intigrated into the current technology, etc, etc. 

We have a long list of ideas we are considering and our product team will review, prioritise and tweak these around when deciding what the developers are going to work on next. We also try to get a balance of things into each release so we are putting in basic UI improvements, more complex cool features and also bug fixes each time so making progress in all areas.

So since this is 2 years old, where is this in the queue currently?

Status update please, really need this feature.

Yes, since you are charging over 50% of what the entire Adobe Creative Suite is charging per month you need to up your development game.  I have not seen that many useful upgrades to this product in the 3+ years I've subscribed.

Uploading multiple files just can't be that hard to do. You are wasting my design time.

Dear all!

I totally agree: The feature to import multiple images at a time would make videoscribe 10x more useful!
I produce a number of videos every day and the image import takes me the most of the time.

So I hope the support is on it ;-).
Has anyone seen other Animation services that have that feature - It would help me a lot!
I havent tried goanimate, movly or so till now, but I think some of those have whiteboard animation style as well...

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