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Save scribes on your computer and online (Old Version)

Last updated: 11 March 2021

You have three different options when saving your scribe: Locally to your base folder, online to your cloud folder, or you can export to your computer. This article explains these saving options.

Please Note: The save process was changed in v3.7 of VideoScribe and this article shows the process prior to this change. To see the process in the latest version of the software please click here

This article simply shows you how to save your scribe project, it does not tell you how to create a video file. If you want to turn your project into a video please see Render and Share your scribe.

Step 1. Click the 'Save or Export' icon (A).

Step 2. Name your scribe (B)

Step 3. Choose your save option:

Option 1.  Save to the base folder. Ensure the 'All Scribes' is selected using the dropdown menu (C) then click the tick to save (D)    

VideoScribe’s own system folder. This places your work on the project screen so you can see it when you log into VideoScribe. This is a local folder, so work saved here will only be accessible on the computer you saved it on. You can also create additional folders here using the Create new folder button. 

Option 2.  Save your scribe to the cloud (online) (E)

They are stored with us on our servers so you can access them from within VideoScribe on any computer. This option is useful if you plan to access your project from multiple locations (e.g home/school).

Option 3.  Export your scribe project to your computer in a location of your choice. Click the Export icon (F) and you will see an explorer window (Windows) or finder window (Mac) where you can choose your save location

This option exports the project as a .scribe file to the computer you are working on. Doing this allows you to access the file so you can transfer and open it on a different computer. Important: You must save the scribe to the base folder (option 1) first, before you export the scribe as a .scribe file.

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