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Last updated: 12 March 2021

These 5 short videos will show you how easy it is to turn a blank VideoScribe canvas into a fun and engaging video.

Tutorial 1 - Create your first scene and save

In this video we take you through how to create your first scene and save your project.

Tutorial 2 - Setting the camera and create a second scene

Learn how to move around the canvas, set the camera and creating a second scene.

Tutorial 3 - Adding Sound

Bring your project to life by adding a soundtrack and a voiceover to your project.

Tutorial 4 - Editing and fine tuning your scribe

Learn about some of the different settings and techniques available in VideoScribe to take your project to the next level.

Tutorial 5 - Publish to video or social media

That's your project finished, all that remains now is to publish it to a video and share it with your audience.

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