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Upgrade your BlueSnap subscription

Last updated: 11 October 2017

Customers can upgrade their payment plan. Monthly payment plans can be upgraded to yearly or one-off, yearly payment plans can be upgraded to one-off.

We have made some changes to the payment system since you originally purchased your subscription so to complete your upgrade we need to move you over to our new payment platform. 

This means that you will need to purchase a new subscription from our website and contact the support team who will cancel and refund your BlueSnap subscription from the date you purchased the new subscription. 

Step 1. Raise a ticket with the support team

You can raise a ticket from our help website by completing the form. Please complete the form as shown in the screenshot and and then click the submit button (A) to raise your ticket with us. Step 2. Purchase a new subscription

Visit, pick the yearly subscription payment plan and complete your purchase.

Please note:  If your original BlueSnap subscription was on a monthly payment plan you must pick either a yearly or one-off payment plan for you new subscription for this to be an upgrade. If your original BlueSnap subscription was on a yearly payment plan then a one-off payment plan is your only upgrade option.

Step 3. Leave the rest to us

Our support team will pick up your support ticket within a working day and check your account. They will see your new subscription and cancel your older subscription and arrange a refund of the time you have remaining.

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