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Change email address

Last updated: 30 March 2020

You can change your registered email address for your Sparkol account easily by logging into your account.

Step 1. Log into your online Sparkol account.

This is done via the Sparkol website by clicking on ‘Account’ in the top right corner (A).

Enter the email address you signed up for an account with (B) and password (C) and click Login (D).

Step 2. Select profile and go to the Change Email section.

Click on 'Profile' (E).

Scroll down the page a little to the ‘Change Email’ section.

Here you can amend your email address (F) and confirm that new email address (G). By default your billing email address will be updated to match. This is where payment reminders and invoices are sent. If you need to keep your existing billing email address, untick the box (H). Once you are happy you have entered the right details click ‘Save’ (I).

Your new email address will now be saved to your account.

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