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Videoscribe for Youtube channel

I have a YouTube channel and i want to create video content for my channel with VideoScribe. 
my question is :
should I use same Gmail for purchasing videoscribe pro license that I've used to create my Youtube channel?

i mean , how Videoscribe team knows that does a youtube channel has videoscribe license or not ?

thank you.

 (I do not work for videoscribe)

If you want an official answer, you may want to submit a ticket using the "raise a ticket" link further down on the page.

Videoscribe videos created with a paid membership do not have a watermark. That's how everyone knows it was created with a license.

Just abide by the rules, create content using a valid membership and post it on youtube in accordance with your videoscribe and youtube agreements. I'm pretty sure your membership email is completely irrelevant.

With luck, a Videoscribe employee may chime in to agree or correct me.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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