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Where is my fav green tick?


Can somebody help/answer me - Where is my favourite green tick? 

Everything was totally okay, but like 3-4 days ago I noticed changes in the library, and boom... my favorite green tick (that one with intense green color) was gone. 


I'm not sure but:

1) If you used it recently, you may see a copy in your the "My Images" tab with the dropdown list set to "used"

2) By searching for "tick" I see a tick mark as well as a tick mark in a box, both of which have the icon for color-adjustability in their thumbnail images. Just import the green tick image that might not be the right color of green, then open the properties window for that element, select the "drawing properties" tab, choose "full color" in the middle dropdown list, and click the little paint pallette icon to choose a more intense green color.

3) or you can open a previous scribe file with the intense green tick and copy and paste it into your new project.

Hope that helps,

Mike (Videoscribe user)


Looks like option 3 is only likely to be used for me.

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