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Videoscribe project file (.scribe) stuck at opening.

I created the video using the same version yesterday and when I tried opening it today for a revision, the file stuck at opening. This is not my first time and I tried contacting support before but there was no response. They should open a live chat feature and should leave that old-school ticket system. We the creator know how hard or sad it is for us to recreate a project, this stuck is permanent and I didn't found a solution to recover the project file.

I was a 3.5 version user and now I can see the newer version of Videoscribe comes with tons of bugs while companies upgrade their products for more reliability. The newer version really sucks!! It brings tons of bugs and is low in performance. You guys shouldn't quit the login server for version 3.5. 



 Hi, attach the .scribe file please.

I have not upgraded to the newest videoscribe version, but I might still be able to help. Also make sure you have attache the scribe file  in your support ticket if you want customer support to help.

I haven't experienced that problem yet, but I'm wondering if maybe it is a result of closing the program while the file is still saving. If that could be the case, maybe videoscribe could add a progress bar on the save feature or some other way to prevent the program from closing before the work is completely saved. That is only a guess though.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks for your advice. However, due to an image license issue, I'm unable to send you the scribe file. I tried many ways but no improvement. The video file was saved successfully and I even rendered it the first time. 

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