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Videoscribe file is not opening anymore (urgent)

Unfortunately all of a sudden my VS file won't open anymore. I had just finished it and I need to download it as a video asap due to a deadline. However after closing the edit, I wasn't able to open it anymore (there were only a few minutes in between). It gets stuck at a certain point when opening the file (see screenshot). Really don't know why....

I have raised a ticket but if anyone else can help me out, it would be great because I have a deadline today :(((. I have attached the file as well.

Thanks x

I see that your post was from about 2 weeks ago, so possibly you rebuilt your project in order to meet your deadline.  I'm wondering if you had any luck getting your file fixed? I tried opening it too and videoscribe stopped loading it at the same place shown in your screenshot. I think that indicates that an image or text element is corrupt at that part of your project.  I don't know what could cause that. There might be something obvious like closing videoscribe while the file was still saving, or maybe there is just an image that contains some coding that videoscribe doesn't like,  but I don't know.

I did some experimentation and managed to get your file open and deleted a chunk of stuff approximately where the problem was happening. Attached is the remainder of the file which seems to be working.

Hope that helps,

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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