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How to reveal the outline created with paintbrush and then reveal the fill of an image?

Hello! How can I reveal the black stroke made with paint brush (Illustrator) and then reveal the green fill?

There is a way to have this kind of animation?

Thank you.


 The paintbrush tool creates a shape that is considered to be a "filled area" rather than a "stroked line" by videoscribe. If you want the black linework to show first, use the pen tool to draw it!

You can also use a pen tool line at zero percent opacity to reveal the green color after the black lines are drawn!

A more detailed explanation is in this thread:

if you get stuck, upload your SVG made with the pen tool for line art and someone here may be able to give you more specific guidance.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi, Mike!

Thank you very much for your answer.

In the draws I like to use the paint brush to have a nice differentiation stroke by using pen pressure.. 

But I will consider to use only pen tool in order to facilitate the process.

Best regards.


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