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Is it possible to move an icon twice in the same video?

Hi all - Is it possible to drag an icon into my video screen, and then a few steps later move it to another place? I am not seeing an option for that. The idea is an ABC checklist where it says ABC at the top and then I move the A lower to explain what A means, then B even lower, explanation next to it, then C at the bottom. So basically the A, B, and C start at the top and then move lower down next to their explanation. Is there a way to do that? Maybe have the hand drag each one down? 

If you want to move an element that is already on the canvas, you add a copy of that element and use the MORPH animation type to move the first copy of the element to the second location.

This really only looks good with line art because morphing causes all color fills to disappear during the move, and it causes all line art to become black.

Personally I wouldn't bother with all that movement. Videoscribe is designed to replicate the process of drawing. So I would draw ABC, then I would move the camera to a blank part of the canvas and draw "A" with whatever explanations you want to add, then move the camera to another blank part of the canvas and draw B etc.

That way, for each "scene" you can maximize the size of each individual letter with its explanation.

That's my advice, but choose what works best for you!

The Instant Answers page has tutorials if you need more detailed information.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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