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Where can I find all the tags for the images?

Each image has some tags basically the search term you put into the search field so that the image comes up

I am just looking for the tags for the different images. Where can I see which tag will show which image.

Also a list with all the tags that could be used for search would be nice.

Where can I find it? I think this can't be a secret.

I am also looking for that information, these keywords or you call it tags are super important to me.

I tried to look through the installed data opening it with the editor but I couldn't find the tags.

Hope we'll get an answer


I have the same problem, this is the major downside of Videoscribe unfortunately. There are so many images now, and some of them can never be found as they don't even seem to have any tags. It's a pity to have such a large library of images and not being able to use them efficiently.

Exactly my thoughts. I think the images are not properly tagged which makes it very difficult for me to find the exact image that I'm looking for.

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