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Vertical Video for Desktop

Hi Videoscribe team, 

Do you have an idea if and when vertical video is on the roadmap for the desktop version?  I'm literally making my videos SIDEWAYS (and then rotating it 90 degrees in post) and my neck is starting to hurt. haha

I need an infinite canvas so the online version isn't suitable. 

I don't like to create vertically designed videos in landscape because cropping and enlarging them in a post editor makes the video poor quality. 

Thanks! - Mary


I have made vertical videos in the past with videoscribe,

1. The best way to go about it is to create a rectangle in illustrator for the resolution you want, place that rectangle in videoscribe and lock it... this will become a reference for a vertical video and you just need to work inside that rectangle

After you are done, just crop the video with some editing software like Premiere Pro or After Effects (or any video editing software will do the job just fine

2. Get a rotating monitor stand, they are cheap and easy to find, you can rotate your monitor and work, and then you will need to rotate 90 degrees like you have been doing.

3. Videoscribe will one day come out with this option by themselves 

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