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VideoScribe support team does not help me to solve a problem caused by the VideoScribe system itself, they are blaming me and want me to do all my work again.

I created a project that goes beyond the limits of video time and elements and could not be downloaded, so I got in touch with Oliver and he guided me to create a copy of the video to divide the time and elements, I followed his recommendation and I did that, however all the changes I made to the original project were also made to the copy and I lost more than half of a large project I had created. VideoScribe's support team doesn't help me to restore the error caused in the copy I created and the days are passing and not even a solution is presenting me. VideoScribe closed by itself and when I went to access it again I lost the scenes of my copy without having given any command, it's can I trust this procedure indicated by Oliver for my new big projects and not be insecure that this can count again? Who will help me restore scenes that were deleted from the copy I created automatically?

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