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I cannot save my scribes !!!! It is becoming unusable. None of the recommended solutions works!

I cannot save my scribes. In the beginning I thought it is my PC getting tired, but then I shifted to a brand-new PC (with high specs), and the same exact thing is happening. I have tried everything, uninstall/reinstall, repairing, saving locally, saving online, save, save as, Ctrl+S & Ctrl+Shift+S, removing last few images, removing soundtrack, removing voice over, even working without audio at all, etc.). I lost my work on the file at least 6 times in 2 days!!! When clicking buttons (including confirmation to exit), nothing happens at all. It is as if those buttons are not working. Every time, I must force shutdown (via Windows Task Manager) and lose all my edits. It is becoming unusable!! I have not had this problem before I downloaded the latest version (Windows Desktop App v3.9.7). I have an annual paid subscription.

 As a user, I would suggest reverting to a previous version if you think your current version is causing the problem.

just uninstall the new one and install the older one (any projects made or edited in the new version may not be accessible with the older program.)

Sometimes I get a popup that does not respond to clicks (for example when my internet connection is interrupted). In those cases, sometimes I can press the ESC key to close the popup message. Not sure if that can be helpful for you , but maybe it's worth mentioning.

If the problems have started occurring with one specific project, you may want to save a copy, or partial copy, online and raise a support ticket. Simple things such as large image file sizes or improperly formatted SVG images can cause a variety of show stopping problems.

Mike (videoscribe user)

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