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Moving an image

Hey Guys! How do I move a single image? Right now, when I want to move an image I hold and drag the image to the desired place but it doesn't stay there and goes back to its original place.


Hey Lucy, that shouldn;t be happening. Please make sure you are using the latest verison of the software and if that does not help then raise a ticket with the support team so we can dig deeper. Once selected, you can also move an element across the canvas with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

 In addition to what Barry wrote, you may just be misunderstanding the way  default camera settings work in videoscribe. When you add an image, videoscribe assigns a default camera position to it. By default, the image is centered in front of the camera. If you move the image, videoscribe adjusts the assigned camera position so it is still centered on that image (unless you have manually saved a camera position of your choosing).

So, if you want the image to be in any position other than the default centered position, you will need to move the image where you want it and then, with the image still selected, click the "SET camera position" icon (in the lower right corner of the screen).

(or you can select the image, and click the set camera position icon first, and then move your image.)

If you need further clarification, you may want to watch some of the tutorial videos in the INSTANT ANSWERS page.

Hope that helps,

Mike (videoscribe user)

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