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Text/Object fade out


Is there a way to fade out an object without just fading in a blank over it? I need to fade out text over a background but the only way possible seem to fade in the background again, however that way it covers everything else on the screen.

Any suggestion please?

The only way to remove an element is to put something over the top of it. Depending on the background you may be able to just fade in a section?

Hi Barry, is there any plan to implement a "fade out" option in future? It should be pretty straight forward I guess...

It's not on the roadmap at this point

please implement this, very important. No we can't add a transparent image overtop, we use bg images

I found  a solutions, what you do is take a screenshot of the part you want to fade out , or erase. So you take a screenshot of the bg area that asset is over that you want to fade out, you save that as a jpg.  Then you add that jpg as an asset, line it up correctly by adjusting the opacity, then fade in that jpg in and it appears as if the asset you want to fade out, is fading out to the viewer.  Bammmmm, you are welcome!.

The attachment shows what I did, the person is on the layer below the screenshot and as you can see he is fading out because the screenshot without him in it is in fact, fading in.

attached image

If I understand correctly, such a function is available in the browser version, in the animation field, exit animation and there is options how you want to do it... Is this feature not available for the desktop version? 

I could never figure out how to do an exit animation that is NOT linked to the drawing animation but please can you show me how to unlink the 2?

If I draw 15 assets and then after the 15th asst I want to fade out the first asset, please show me how I can't figure it out on the web app. thanks

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