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Mismatched timeline between actual exported video and in software


I've created a videoscribe and exported the video in 1080 HD, 30 frames/s MOV. When I played the video, it appeared that the video was at a faster speed in certain parts than showed in the software. I created the audio and then the visuals to match the audio timeline, as advised.

As showed in the attached picture, there is a whooping 5s difference between what is showed in the software timeline and the actual video. What might be the cause of this and how can I fix this? 

The mismatch seemed not due to one specific object but a number of objects, which increases the timeline difference over the course of the video, e.g. 2s in the early mid and 5.5s towards the end.


We'd need to look at the project to answer this so please raise a support ticket and save the project online. Include the name in the ticket and we'll take a look for you. 

I would recommend trying different publishing options (formats and frame rates) to see if the same thing occurs and also trying to see if that gives you the result you were expecting.

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