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Apple Silicon ?


I've just got a new MacBook Pro (with the new M1Pro chip) - I started Videoscribe and it seems to run fine under Monterey, but is the app native - performance seems ok but rendering speed seems about 50% slower than my work MacBook Pro 13" 2020 with intel cpu.


Hey Richard, what version of VideScribe are you using? You need to be using at least v3.8 if you are using an M1 Chip and we are still testing Monterey (we don't support beta OS versions)

See the system requirements for more info -

Hi Barry,

Thanks, I'm using Videoscribe 3.9.1 and Monterey 12.0.1 (which is fully release now), I just tried it to see if it works, and it seems fairly stable. The rendering speed was a lot slower than my intel based MacBook Pro so I wondered if it was native or running through rosetta.

I'm happy to do any testing if you want, but at this stage I'm only playing with it, so I won't log any support calls until you support it !



Hey Richard,

Sorry, appears I am running a week behind the times here! Checked in with the testing team and they have run VideoScribe through Monterey and no red flags came up. They are going to run a couple of tests on this scenario specifically though to be sure. 

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