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MP4 export directly to PC?


surely at this stage it should be possible to export a video to MP4 directly to the PC?

If the application is installed on my machine they why does a 2 min video take forever to render and thats to MOV or the antiquated AVI format? I have a very powerful machine that would normally render a full 2 min video in 20 seconds, but this is nuts. As I work a for a MultiNational and create Learning videos, uploading to the confusing and from there get an MP4 does not make sense and as I often produce content sensitive information we cannot export this to an outside third party site and not know where it goes or where it gets stored.

Hey Darren, is a Sparkol owned site so it's all stored under the same account that you make the projects with in VideoScribe. You can publish the video as Private so you'll only be able to see it when logged into the website. You could even delete the video from after you have downloaded the .mp4 if you want. We have a help page which will clear up any confusion you have - How to manage videos - privacy, delete and download.

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