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VideoScribe - IGTV 9:16 size Format

Hello dear videoscribe users,

I've went through all the different tools provided in the videoscribe app and I read through different questions to see if there were any answers.

Are there any ways or easy solutions to have a scribe in 9:16 for IGTV / Tik Tok format? 

Kind regards.

If it's 9:16 video that you need you should check out our other app, Scribely.

 I take the "eventually" rendered file, put it through Handbrake to reduce the file size and to MP4 then bring into Camtasia Studio and create a 16:9 project and drag the video in. I put a white background on it. Videoscribe is very clanky and limiting and not meeting modern requirements. We have to take several additional steps to make the video conform. We are currently looking at other applications instead now as my company is questioning the value of having subscriptions to an application that increases a workflow instead of decreasing it.

Some suggestions:

 - If it's 16:9 you want they Scribely is the app for you

 - Smaller mp4 files are available through See option 2 on our Publish and share scribes help page for how to send videos there and we also have a help page on how to manage videos once they are published to

 - If you want videos with a transparent background then VideoScribe does that automatically when the .png image sequence export is chosen

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