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The red garbage can disappeared, so I can't remove the existing voice-over.

The title says everything. I added a second voice-over, and then I had two voices talking at once, and then the read garbage can appeared and I could remove the second voice-over, but then I was stuck with one voice-over because the red garbage can disappeared. I want to remove the one sound-track and add an improved one. Now what do I do?

We should be able to fix the project for you but we're going to need to take a look. You have a ticket so we'll chat there to get a copy

(Perhaps you have inadvertently uploaded one voice-over in the voice-over slot(accessed by using the microphone icon), and a second voice-over in the music slot (accessed by clicking the music note icon. Videoscribe has two separate audio locations, and perhaps you have only tried deleting files from one of those two locations.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Good thought, but .... I definitely had two .mp3's imported and playing at the same time. Both were somebody else's voice, not mine (which demonstrates that one wasn't a live recording of my own voice), and I could hear both tracks at the same time and it was kind of funny. If you say there are two audio "slots", then something went wrong and two different imported .mp3's got into the two slots! I solved the problem by re-pasting all images into a fresh .scribe, so I'm just letting you know what happened for your own  benefit. 

--Bruce M


Glad you were able to find a solution. To clarify my previous reply, in case you run into the same problem again, or in case anyone else visits this thread later, the explanation may be this:


Both the music feature AND the voiceover feature accept mp3 files (in addition to the library options and the in-program recording option). Users sometimes inadvertently upload voiceovers to both of those locations without realizing or recognizing the difference.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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