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Georgian language in Videoscribe

Apparently, even not the imported google fonts support Georgian language in videoscribe.

Please, tell me how to add Noto Serif Georgian font (  in the newest version of videoscribe or how to open already created full scribe in the older version of videoscribe, as not it says that the file can not be opened because of the format.

1. Can I add particular google font which is not yet in the list in newest videoscribe?
2. Can I convert the format so that it will be opened in older version of videoscribe?

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The answer to both of those questions is no.

1. The list of fonts and languages currently supported in VideoScribe is available on our Support Hub. If you would like to make a request for a language or font to be considered you can make that here.

2. As we add change and add features in VideoScribe this will add code to your projects that the older versions will not understand. You will always be able to open existing projects in newer versions but once a project is saved in a newer version there will be older versions that it won't work in.

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