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Support does not react to my tickets

Hello everybody,

Since Monday I have a problem regarding one of my scribes. When trying to load the scribe, it just stops at a certain element and ignores the rest of the elements it contains. But in the preview, everything is displayed correctly.

I tried to contact the support team now twice via raising a ticket (without getting any response at all), once per direct email to the support team (receiving an automatic email that my problem is being revisted, and then receiving another email two hours later that the problem is solved and the ticket will be closed,  but it was not solved!), trying another ticket (not getting a response at all), and then trying to get help from the chatbot. The chatbot said it would send my messages to its human colleagues, but I haven't heard from  then since.

When I had problems in the past, the support team usually answered within a day - so I really don't know what is going on here. Please help me to get help from the support team!

Kind regards,


Hey there Staicy, we have been responding. I can see you have 2 tickets with but I've just merged them together to keep the conversation in one place. We replied originally on the 13th about 3 hours after you originally reported it and included a fixed copy of your project in the reply. Emails would have come from, please check your SPAM/JUNK. 

We sent the information again on the 15th when you logged the second ticket.

I can upload the finished project here for you can't see our emails and you are happy with it being on a public forum?

Hey Barry, thank you for your quick response!

You were right, all your replies were in the junk folder. I am so sorry for making all the trouble. I don't know why suddenly my mail provider put sparkol in the junk folder.

My problem is actually still not solved, but I'll answer then privately per email. Thank you very much for your help!


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