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editing an SVG image but preserving the order

 I am encountering the following problem, and wonder if you more-experienced users can propose a solution.  Upon completion of an image, i may see small edits which must be made on an early object.  However, this will mess with the order of the videoscribe animation.  Is there some way to keep the edits grouped with the original strokes?

So it sounds like you are looking for a way to ensure extra strokes added show in a certain layer and even within a certain spart of that layer? 

I guess it depends on which editor you're using? Personally any SVGs I create are simple as I am far from an artist so there are not enough elements in them for dragging to the correct place to cause too much of an issue so I've not personally investigated this before. Have you checked in with the support team of the editor you are using?

thanks for your reply!   I am only using one layer,.   I am using clipstudio paint, and I have not yet checked in with that support team.  thank you for that advice.  My edits are not dragging though, its when I erase a misplaced line, and redraw it, for example.   I am new to digital drawing. 

In Adobe Illustrator, every individual path is on its own layer.there is a window that displays all of the layers and allows you to re-order them if desired.  If you delete a path that is in one of the middle layers, and then add a new path, the new path becomes the last layer in the layer stack, and it will be drawn last. That is why it is out of order. If clip studio paint does not provide a way for you to view every individual path in a layer list, you may have to be more creative with your editing. For example, just extend existing layers instead of adding new ones.

-MM(videoscribe user)

By dragging I meant after I draw the new line I drag it within the layer ordering to the correct drawing order, not drag it's position on the artboard. 

Not sure how ClipStudio works though so it's definately a question for their help site / support team

 Thanks, Barry.  Will see if they can help.

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