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Failed to open scribe file

Hello all, recently I received this scribe file and i am supposed to continue working on it. However, when I try to open it, it just stuck at the loading screen. The loading icon is not moving (refer to screenshot). The sender also failed to open this file from his side. Any way to salvage this project? there is 5 days worth of effort spent here and deadline is approaching. FYI i can open other scribe files sent by the same person.


asd.scribe asd.scribe
16.1 MB

Mike I cannot upload the scribe to cloud folder since I cannot even open the project. And the sender only saved his project locally, and since he is also unable to open, there is no way to upload to cloud folder. please help.


I was not able to open the file you provided, and I saw the same result as your screenshot shows. The file appears to be corrupt, but maybe there is something that customer support can do with it. (Please be aware that I don't work for Sparkol. You should probably raise a support ticket and customer support will get back to you during their UK business hours.)

-Mike(Videoscribe user)

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