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Preferences - default animation method

When an image is imported, the ‘import image’ window pops up giving you the option to either draw or move the image in. The ‘fade in’ option is not provided here. When you close this box and then open ‘element properties’ for the same image, you now have the option to ‘fade in’. Would it be possible to have the fade in option available in the ‘import image’ window? As well, is it possible to set a default animating style so that you don’t have to change the animating method for each image?

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Sounds like you are a little behind the curve with your VideoScribe version reference your first question. We added Fade In to the import image options in v3.6 of VideoScribe which was released in June 2020 ( You can always grab the latest version via

As for the default animation option, that is draw and cannot be changed so that's a valid feature request and not one I can see being requested elsewhere. Hope you don't mind but I've changed the subject of your post to reflect that as it'll make it easier to find for other likeminded people. I have also given the idea a like (this counts as a vote) to get it started as I'd find that useful.

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